Solution: help my Ethereum client synchronization stuck !!!

If you are frustrated because your GETH client is stuck and not synchronizing then you are facing a problem that many developers have faced. There are multiple reasons due to which  this may be happening:

  1. Your computers clock is not synchronized
  2. You have a slow connection or your firewall may be the cause
  3. Your client is connecting to the Pre ROPSTEN-Revival network

If you have already ruled out #1 and #2 then read on. The solution is here

1. Delete the chain data (or use --datadir to specify the directory for chaindata)

geth removedb

2. Start the geth with these option

geth --testnet --fast --nodiscover

3. Attach to the running node

geth attach "//./pipe/geth.ipc"

4. Add the known trusted peers


5. Once synchronization is complete, kill geth and start it normally (e.g., I used --data option)

geth --identity "MyTestNode" --datadir "./data" --testnet --verbosity "4" --fast

Give it a couple of hours & you should get the data

This is a tried solution - works for me, hope it works for you - All the Best !!!